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oh balls

There is something sensual and tactile about sphere shaped objects used in interior styling. I, personally have a collected rather a lot of them in different sizes, patterns and materials over the years. I'm not the only one of course, "bowls of balls" are a really simple and effective sway to add a little style into your interior.

I found several bowls of black and white striped balls at the Park Hyatt in Siem Reap. They were so fun and whimsical, I wanted to grab the bowl and run away with them.

What could be more simple and stylish than an old bronze bowl filled with hand-turned wooden balls for this open-air living room at the Paradise Road Hotel Villa Bentota in Sri Lanka. Absolutely perfect table top styling for the environment.

Recently, we had the pleasure of styling photo shoots for an antique carpet merchants website. The simplicity of these rustic, white clay spheres perfectly complimented the intricate floral design in faded vegetable dye and in this rare and beautiful antique carpet.

I love a bit of chinoiserie, these blue and white porcelain balls are just yummy.

This colour combination has been around for centuries and is still enticing in its clean crispness.

An oldie but a goodie ... I'm a bit partial to classic sphere pendants hung in pairs or better, groups. These gorgeous, glass orbs are timeless, they will never go out of fashion and look stunning over dining tables, kitchen counters or down hallways. Well ...anywhere really.

Oh my, oh my ... these beautiful, copper-blush sphere pendants are stunning. More than light fittings, they take pride of place over this simple dining table as dramatic-statement art pieces. Just delicious.

I adore the humor of "eggs" covered in "feathers" and have had this bowl of feathered eggs for years. The colours and patterns of the feathers are reflected in the shiny mirror surface of this Alessi dish. The cat is rather partial to them too as I often find the bowl empty and have to go on an egg hunt to retrieve them from all corners of the house.

If you want a style statement, find a bowl and fill it with orbs of your choosing. Be warned, collecting them can become addictive.

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