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I love a good collection.

Singularly displayed item's can appear rather ineffectual and well ... ordinary. Ordinary items displayed in groups however, can create immense visual impact. Show off your sense of style by thinking in multiples of 3, many and more ...

I came across this magnificent collection of Buddhas in Siem Reip. Whilst no two Buddha's where the same, each was mounted on a tall black granite plinth to consolidate the collection. The visual impact of the display stopped me in my tracks. Being up high, the statues appeared majestic and mystical.

If you are thinking "I don't have anything that exotic", choose something simple. I saw these giant walnuts layed out in rows on an old wooden tray in Sri Lanka. The simplicity of two items creatively displayed was both humourous and memorable and made for a good talking point.

If you like the idea of collections, experiment with something simple and inexpensive like these beautiful shell and lacquer bowls, Get them in the same size but different colours or patterns and try displaying them in a row. If you choose different sized bowls, try displaying them in a group on a tray.

Think differently about how you can use simple items. This group of gorgeous wire bowls hung as a collection on the wall is really effective. The way they have been woven gives the illusion that they are spinning and will also cast a beautiful shadow pattern on the wall with the right lighting as will these lovely, delicate, ceramic butterflies that have been arranged up the wall as if in flight.

I adore white porcelain vases and would love to own the collection above. As a grouping these become a stunning art work because they are texture and colour matched.

Start with things you already own, try working them into groups of colour, shape or size and have fun with it!

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