whats trending 2016

Environmental protection, living green and making better choices are reflected in this year’s interior design trends.  As our homes become smaller and more efficient there is a drive to use space effectively.

Living walls create a spa like ambience, add visual texture and infuse the environment with oxygen.  Wallpaper has returned in the form of bold mural designs that further reflect the trend toward organic and texture. One wall is enough to create a powerful backdrop and increase visual space even in a small room.  Artisanal goods are becoming increasingly popular as we are more consciously driven towards purchases that support small businesses. Mix artisanal products with mass produced and vintage finds, wood is good for tactility, warmth and comfort.  The reflective surfaces of gold and brass warm up a space and bounce the light. Using a few well-chosen pieces can create glamor especially when paired with marble.


Overlap and mix and match these trends to reflect your personal style.


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