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lets talk

$150.00 per hr

The Lets Talk Package, is for our client who may have already completed their room but may need some help with the final decisions in the styling of a room, placement of furnishings, framing and hanging of artworks.  You may be just starting out and not entirely sure how to orientate or use a room ... we are here to help you make those decisions.

We would like to get to know you. Spend 30 minutes with us on Skype or Facetime and lets walk through your space together. We are here to answer your questions about completing your room to design perfection and will give you all the professional advise that you need.


Fill in out the Order Form to book a 30 minute appointment.

We will be back soon, we are currently refining our services and offerings and upgrading our website to better suit your requirements. 

We are still here to serve you ... so ... if you need us, reach out

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