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Full Monty

$1500.00 package

The Full Monty Package is designed for our client that requires a whole room design from a blank canvas to an entire  room makeover.  Below we have outlined the steps we take with you to produce the perfect, professionally designed room.


We would like to get to know you. Spend a complimentary 30 minutes with us on Skype or Facetime. We'd like to talk through your space, what you would like to achieve and collect information to prepare an interactive Design Brief before we begin the creative process.



design BRIEF

From the information we gather from you in conversation, photographs of your room and room dimensions, we prepare a Design Brief for your review and approval.


Based on your approved  Design Brief we create you a Secret Mood Board on The Conceptory Pinterest wall. We will invite you to join your Mood Board where we can interact visually to define your style.




From the dimensions and photographs we receive from you, we produce a 

"To Scale" Floor Plan of furniture layout for placement and traffic flow in your room. The Floor Plan is coded to cross-reference to your Furniture Board




The Furniture Board will consist of visual furniture recommendations for your room.

It is coded to cross-reference your Source List and Floor Plan so you may understand placement and size of the furniture items.



The Material Board consists of all your decorative furnishings from fabrics, wall finishes, floor finishes, paint colours, textures, carpets, rugs and accessories.

It is coded to cross-reference your Source List, Floor Plan and Furniture Board so you can understand the location of all Material finishes. 


source list

The Source List consolidates all of the information in the Floor Plan, Furniture and Materials Boards. It will list suppliers, quantity, size and price with a ClickOn option to purchase directly from vendor websites.


Remember, this is your home, our recommendations are not final. You are free to select alternatives from anywhere you choose, and if you need to ... come back and talk to us.  

We will be back soon, we are currently refining our services and offerings and upgrading our website to better suit your requirements. 

We are still here to serve you ... so ... if you need us, reach out

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